Recommendation API

Recommendation API

The ability to provide recommendations is vital to any entertainment service. For years IVA has been working with top recommendation engines, providing enhanced metadata, images, and video for demos of their solutions. By partnering and pre-integrating these 3rd party services gives IVA’s customers the ability to get a full solution off the ground quickly for a reasonable price and all in one ecosystem.

Recommendation Partners

XroadMedia - Our content discovery and recommendation solution, Ncanto, is a cloud- or server-based back-end solution that helps our customers to deliver the right content to the right audience. Ncanto seamlessly integrates into any content delivery platform, is easy and affordable to operate and offers a variety of advanced functionalities to content and service providers of digital media assets. Pre-integrated with IVA’s movie and tv metadata allows XroadMedia to provide semantic relationship recommendations based on the rich metadata inside of IVA’s APIs.

Example XroadMedia Response

	"recommendations": [{
		"explanations": [{
			"originator": "string",
			"type": "string",
			"level": 0,
			"message": "string"
		"score": 0,
		"businessScore": 0,
		"groupId": "string",
		"program": {
			"Id": 0,
			"Type": "string"