External ID Connectors

LEGACY Documentation for deprecated API version. For current documentation and up-to-date technical info, please visit here.

External ID connectors are intended to be used by customers who have a 3rd party data set and want to connect IVA's IDs with that ID.

ExternalId Endpoints

These connectors match 3rd party root ID’s to IVAs root ID. A root ID is the parent or top most record in any data set. IVA’s systems auto match high probability matches to 3rd party data sets and then hand match any where the data in the 3rd party system is missing or incomplete. Some 3rd party IDs require permission from the source to access (Tivo, Webedia, etc.). Anyone subscribed to the Enrich package would be expected to use one of these connectors to match between an existing data set and the IVA dataset.

Using Root Records with TV

Match the IVA Show to the Root show in an existing database. To match season and episode records data use the known sequence numbers for a season and/or episode from the existing database to find the IVA data record. Use the following endpoints.