Getting Started

Simple IDE Integration

Entertainment Express features Add ServiceStack Reference feature which allows adding generated Native Types for the most popular typed languages and client platforms directly from within most major IDE's including Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, Xcode, Android Studio, IntelliJ and Eclipse. This feature offers the generation and updating of DTOs directly inside the IDE with one click.

Add ServiceStack Reference is supported for the following languages. Select the language for instructions on how to add a reference to to your project.

Code Example:
var client = new ServiceStack.JsonServiceClient("");
client.Headers.Add("Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key", "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx");

var includes = new List { "Videos", "Images", "Descriptions", "Contributors", "Genres", "Companies", "AlternateTitles", "Tags" };
var getMovie = new GetMovie() { Id = 6568, Includes = includes.ToArray() };
var movie = client.Get(getMovie);


Accessing the metadata will be done server to server using you subscription key passed in the header of your request or passed as a parameter in the query. 

Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Rate Limits:
  • Demo accounts - 1 call per 1 seconds max 1,000 per month. Details on getting a demo subscription can be found on our pricing page.
  • Enterprise - starting at 5 calls per 1 second. Rate limits vary by subscription, contact Sales for more information.

API Response Formats:

There are several return formats that you can request by adding format={format} as a parameter to the API request. Alternatively you can pass the Accept type in the header of your request.

  • XML
  • JSON
  • CSV
  • HTML



Accept application/json