Release Notes


New Enumerators Endpoint

With all the new Availability data we’ve added, we thought it would be a good idea to add an enumerator endpoint to allow developers to stay up-to-date with the valid types and properties available. You can find this new endpoint under the Common set of APIs, /Commcon/GetCommonEnumerators.


Added two new POST endpoints.

We’ve added two new endpoints for matching to shows and movies. These are similar to the same matching endpoints that we’ve already had but they are a POST request instead of a GET. This allows developers to get around character limits you may encounter in a GET request. The new endpoints are /Movies/Match and /Shows/Match.


Expanded Popular Movie and Show Charts

Based on customer feedback, IVA has expanded the number of titles returned by our /Charts/Movies/Popular and /Charts/Shows/Popular.



Movie and show availablity data for Netflix and Fandango is now accessable in the movie and show endpoints. Just include "Availabilities" in your request and we will return any availablity data along with links to the program on that service.


My Content API

The My Content APIs allow you to create your own programs and videos. Store metadata and video for your own programs and retreive them with the same APIs that you access IVA's data and video. Videos are encoded in the same formats and and bitartes as IVA's trailers and are served from the same CDN.


Game API

Game trailers and metadata now available through Entertainment Express. Check out the visual documentation to see how easy it is to add video game trailers to your site or app.


Caption API

Getting captions, transcriptions, and translations of IVA's video content has never been easier. We've done the heavy lifting and connected our APIs to Rev's.


Celebrity/People API

IVA has added two new endpoints, GetPersonChangeHistory and GetPersonChangeHistoryWithEntity, to allow updating celebrity data as easily as you can for movies and shows.



TV lineups and grid data from TV Media now available through IVA’s Entertainment Express APIs. Everything you need to create an Electronic Program Guide (EPG). Check out our Visual Documentation for a full list of endpoints to easily access the information.

Celebrity API/ People Updates

We’ve added a few new endpoints to this set of APIs since we launched our Celebrity API. Now it is easier to get all people, perform a name look up ordered by our own celebrity ranking profile, and get a person’s filmography. Try our Celebrity API in the Visual Documentation..

Charts API

Also new with celebrities is our Popular People chart. This cart is a ranked list of celebirities generated by combining populartity and tredning data from multiple sites and our own data to create a unique list. Try the Popular People Charts API!


Added 2 new endpoints to the API to make getting images easier. You can now POST batches of screen capture FilePath's or image FilePath's to these new endpoints and get back the links to the images.

  • Batch ScreenCaptures - Returns a list of ScreenCapture URLs.
  • Batch Images - Returns a list of batch image response links based on FilePath's.

Added new Celebrity API with celebrity metadata and images. People images contain Face Details allowing developers to do face detection and know more about the person in the image as well as the position of their face and facial objects in the image.

  • Celebrity API - 1 million + celebrity metadata records that include images and image metadata including face details.
  • Recommendatations API - Semantic movie and TV recommendations based on IVA movie or show ID from XRoad Media.

We’ve also made changes to our pricing and our SDK’s. Previously we were offering SDK’s generated by the Swagger Code Generator based on our Open API spec. Now we are offering the ability to add a ServiceStack Reference into your project. See our Getting Started page for more details.


Added ability to get ratings and reviews by Metacritic, avaliablity data from GoWatchIt, and dynamic movie and tv lists.

  • Completed Integration with Metacritic - Get Metacritic scores and recommendations! Special permissions required. Contact Sales.
  • Completed Integration with GoWatchIt - Link IVA's deep metadata and media to digital and physical availablities.
  • Added Charts APIs - Now you can access pre defined dynamic lists from the API such as; boxoffice movies, popular movies, most anticipated movies, popular shows, etc.
5/26/2017 Showtimes and Ticketing now in ALPHA! Depreciated two endpoints under Shows (GetSeasonByNumber and GetEpisodeByNumber). We replaced them with updated versions (GetSeasonBySeasonNumber, GetEpisodeByEpisodeNumber).

  • Launched Alpha of MovieTickets API. Special permissions required. Contact Sales.
  • Depriciated /Shows/Season. Replaced with /Shows/{Id}/Seasons/{SeasonNumber}
  • Depriciated /Shows/Seasons/Episode. Replaced with /Shows/{Id}/Seasons/{SeasonNumber}/Episodes/{EpisodeNumber).

Made a change affecting those with access to the Theatrical APIs

  • Depriciated GetTheatricalMovies.
  • Added new endpoint under Movies, GetMoviesComingSoon.
  • Added new endpoint under Movies, GetMoviesInTheaters.

New External ID operation for Webedia IDs. Special permissions required to access this operation, contact Sales.


Big update with lots of new operations and APIs!

  • Added a new Videos operation that will return working URLs to our Video API.
  • Added new integrated Video Analytics APIs to give you vauluable insite into the videos your users are playing.
  • Added some new Tests APIs to help developers understand our APIs and work with our services.
  • Added a new SDK generation API so developers can generate an SDK in various languages and get up and running quickly.

Made backend update to APIs and updated the portal. Open API/Swagger 2.0 fully supported. Started design changes and documentation updates on the portal.


Added 2 properties to the response for movies. Initally these will not be populated but you will start to see them in the near future.

  • Type - This will be used to define the type of movie. Values include, Movie, TV_Movie, Short_Movie, Video_Movie.
  • IDX - In the case where there is a title and year that are identical a Roman Numeral will be populated in the IDX property to help distinguish titles.
  • Updated swagger definitions.
  • Added endpoint for Gracenote ID to IVA ID mapping. Special permissions required. Must be current Gracenote subscriber.
  • Updated swagger definitions for each API’s.
  • Added Full swagger API definition for developers who wish to create a client from the swagger based on everything in the API.
  • Find API now takes the Includes parameter allowing users to limit the response to just the objects desired.
  • Added External IDs API. This API will return a paged list of authorized 3rd party ID's and the corresponding IVA ID.
  • Movie Response added a property called status to let you know the status of a movie (Rumored, Planned, In_Production, Released, Cancelled)
  • Updated Schema for movies for documentation clarity (breaking change).
  • Removed some fields in the response from the Common API endpoints that were not necessary.

*Notes: Future breaking changes will be handled in versions. IVA will from time to time publish incremental non-breaking changes by adding properties to enhance the service.

Beta - 1/31/2017
The Beta release of Entertainment Express is now open to customers and potential customers. As Entertainment Express evolves we will be adding API's and endpoints making this your one-stop-shop for all your entertainment related data and trailers.
To start off we have released the following New API's:
  • Movies API - All movie information including, video data, image data, release events, and more!
  • Changes API - Staying up-to-date has never been easier or faster! Pull changes since a date and time to know which programs have updates. Use the list of programs to pull updates and always have the latest data and video for any program.
  • Image API - Images are referenced by file path. Use the Image API with the file path to retrieve the image.
  • Theatrical Movies API - This subset of IVA's movie database contains only titles with a current or future US theatrical release date.
  • Find API - This API allows you to pass a 3rd party ID and ID type to get the matching IVA program.
  • Common API - This API allows you get data that is common to all IVA API's. Only used in limited use cases.

Existing IVA API's that are used in conjunction with the new API's:

  • Video API - Used with a Video ID to return video from our CDN. A paid subscription and separate customer credentials are required.
  • Video Analytics API - Used to get video analytics data and usage for your paid customer account. This is different from the analytics in this portal. To see these analytics, log into Media Manager.