Videos API

IVA has the video formats and delivery capabilities allowing developers to reach any screen on any device.

LEGACY Documentation for deprecated API version. For current documentation and up-to-date technical info, please visit here.
Implementation Notes

IVA recommends using one of the adaptive bitrate formats (HLS, Dash, etc.) for most implementations and falling back to MP4 as a backup.

Using GetVideo

Use GetVideo(/Videos/GetVideo/{Id}) to return a Video URL for a particular IVA VideoId. Choose the desired format, bitrate, and expiration date for the URL, cache the link and update as necessary. The link returned by the API will return a 302 redirect to the content on IVA’s CDN.


Usage and SDK Samples

curl -X get -H "Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key: [[apiKey]]" "{Id}?format=&kbRate=&expires=&reportTag=&start=&end=&minRate=&maxRate="
Using ReportTag

Report tags are useful for those who are interested in segmenting the video analytics. By passing a string in the report tag any of the Video Analytics APIs can be segmented by that string based on the video request.

Using MinRate and MaxRate

MinRate and MaxRate can be used to limit the bitrates on the adaptive bitrate formats. For example, developers of an IPTV app may want to use the MinRate to filter out the lower bitrates intended for mobile. This will create a better experience when viewing on larger screens.

Using Start and End

Start and End parameter can be used to start or stop a video from any point.