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Easily build best-in-class content discovery experiences by using IVA's metadata, images, trailers, TV listings, and more.

Entertainment Data Curated for Your Business

Internet Video Archive (IVA) is the affordable solution to building great entertainment experiences fast! With 30% more coverage than other providers, we provide the best value. Our products are tailored to the specific needs of clients throughout each stage of the release cycle. We help you access the content that will engage YOUR viewers and grow YOUR business the most!

When you select one of our solutions, we offer easy to implement APIs to help you build amazing interfaces for movie, TV, and game pages as well as celebrities. We provide everything you need to enhance your pages: metadata, images, trailers, clips, ratings and more. From Fortune 50 to startups, IVA supports them all.

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Core Data Solutions

Getting Started

Access to Internet Video Archive’s entertainment database requires a subscription. In order to get started you will need to sign up for a developer account and request access to a solution and an IVA representative will be in touch to finish your setup and grant you access. Our free trials allow you to access our database with metadata about movie, TV and game titles based on the solution you chose. Once you have the data in your database cached, you can use our other APIs to get back images, trailers, celebrities and much more related to each Entertainment ID.

Once you have a subscription, please review our Getting Started Guide that will guide you to API documentation, implementation guides, and technical specifications. Feel free to contact one of our support team members if you have any questions.