Getting Started


Thank you for considering Fabric Origin for all your movie, TV, celebrity, and video game metadata, images, and video. For detailed information on our solutions please visit Fabric Origin.


Access to the APIs require a subscription key. There are two types of keys:

  1. Free Trial - Request a free trial by clicking here and filling out the form.
    Free Trials are good for 30 days and are severely rate limited.

  2. Paid Subscription - Ready to buy now? Contact us and we will be happy to schedule a demo and discuss your individual needs.

General Core Data Solutions Implementation:

Data returned by the APIs below is dependent on the solution that you choose. For detailed information on each solution see our Solutions page.

Customers should ingest and cache all metadata and images from these APIs. Video is hosted and served direct to the end user via IVA's Content Delivery Network (CDN) unless specified in the customer contract.

Have questions on how best to implement? Contact our support team and we will be happy to schedule a time to walk you through the APIs and the options.

The following APIs are included in our core solutions. Developers are encouraged to review the guides and API documentation for each.

  • Entertainment API Use to ingest and update all metadata for movies, TV, and games, including Id's for any video or images.

  • Celebrity API Use to ingest and update all metadata on celebrities.

  • Video API Use to generate links to a video based on the VideoId obtained through the Entertainment API.

  • Image API Use to retrieve images from our servers. Images should be hosted and served from the customer and not the API.

  • Common Data API Use these endpoints to get common data referenced in other APIs such as a list of countries, image types, video types, etc.


Accessing the metadata will be done server to server using your subscription key passed in the header of your request or passed as a parameter in the query. 

Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Rate Limits:

  • Free Trial - 5 calls per 1 second, max 1000 per week. * Additional rate limits and quotas apply.

  • Core Solution APIs - starting at 5 calls per 1 second per API.

* The Image API is limited to 50 calls per week. Contact Sales for a demo or to get additional calls.

API Response Formats:

There are several return formats that you can request by adding format={format} as a parameter to the API request. Alternatively you can pass the Accept type in the header of your request.

  • XML

  • JSON

  • CSV

  • HTML



Accept application/json


Enumerators used in the API can be found under the api/Common/CommonEnumerators endpoint. It returns enumerators for Provider, DeliveryMethod, OfferType, and more.


curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json"