General Information

The Celebrity API is used to get detailed information about the celebrities found in the Entertainment API. Get filmographies, birthdays, images and more!

Each subscription is tied to a solution and that solution contains the celebrities from the programs to which that solution has access. No matter which solution is right for you the implementation will be the same.

The Celebrity API contains endpoints that allow you to run searches for celebrities and celebrity images.

/Celebrity/Search/ Allows you to make simple or complex searches for celebrities and celebrity images included in your solution.
/Celebrity/RankedSearch/ Allows you to find celebrities by name ordered by rank. Take a look at the Celebrity API Code Sample to see how this works.

Review the examples below to see how to work with the Celebrity API. All metadata and images are intended to be ingested and cached by the customer. Only data records included in your solution will be returned by the API. If you have any questions please reach out to our support team.

Open API/Swagger documentation can be found on the Celebrity API page.

“Promotional Use” of Images

Each image in our database is related to a specific movie, TV or game title and is promotional of that title. If you have title pages or articles about that title, then offering an image gallery on that page is obviously promotional. If you are doing editorial about another topic and use an image from IVA, you need to reference or otherwise indicate the title of the film, TV show or game so as to be promotional.

Get All Celebrity Metadata Records

Get all celebrity metadata records with paging.

Include extra data: Includes=Images, ExternalIds, Descriptions, AlternateNames

Paging: Skip=0, Take=50

Changed Data Since

Retrieve all celebrities that have changed since a certain date-time.

Include extra data: Includes=Images, ExternalIds, Descriptions, AlternateNames

Paging: Skip=0, Take=10


In order to get a person's filmography you will need to use the Entertainment API.