Theatrical Movies

All the latest movie trailers, posters, cast, release dates and more for you to capitalize on your viewers’ anticipation of the next blockbuster or indie hit in theatres or coming soon to theatres.

Solution For: Theatre Operators, Theatre Ticketers, VOD Providers, Publishers, etc.

APIs Included: Entertainment API, Celebrity API, Video API, Image API, Video Analytics API, Common Data API

Content Coverage

  • Movies: Coming Soon To Theatres, In Theatres, Upcoming Home Video, Upcoming Original Streaming Movies or released in last 365 days.

  • Celebrities: Detailed information about any celebrities in movie or TV shows that are listed in titles that are part of this solution.

  • Availabilities: Territory, pricing and links to titles available on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, HBO Now, Google Play, Fandango and more.

Content Details

Movie Metadata

# of Titles Included:

  • Title(s)

  • Release Dates

  • Budget

  • Box Office Cume

  • Cast, Director, Writer, etc.

  • Runtime

  • Official Site URL

  • Companies

  • Descriptions

  • Ratings and Certifications

  • Genres

  • Tags

  • Ticket Availability with links to Ticketer

  • Matched IDs

Image Metadata

# of Titles Included:

  • Posters

  • Stills

  • Language of Poster

  • Sexuality Rating

  • Violence Rating

  • Celebrity pictured

  • Celebrity emotion in picture

  • Celebrity facial features

  • Celebrity Portraits

  • Tags

Video Metadata

# of Titles Included:

  • Title

  • Video Type (Trailer, Clip, Behind-the-Scenes, etc.)

  • Language Spoken

  • Language Subtitled

  • Target Country

  • Length of Video

  • Source Resolution/Aspect Ratio

  • Available video formats (MP4, HLS, DASH, etc.)

  • Has Explicit Content or Not

  • Video Play Analytics